The Advantages of Islamic Law in Reducing Offences: A Comparison with English Law

Explore the effectiveness of punishment in reducing offences in Islamic Law compared to English Law. Discover why Islamic Law has a higher advantage

It is known that the Islamic Law exists before the English laws. And islamic laws are powerful in nature as they reduce the offence rate in their product but on the other hand English laws do not reduces the offence rate with same strength as the former do. The highest punishment in English law has been reduced from death to imprisonment for life. which leads the mindset in doing the same offence with less fear.

On the other hand islamic laws contains the maximum punishment as death penalty. and it trembles the heart of offenders and brings them in fear of such punishment and that fear helps to reduce offences. Islamic laws are very productive type. And English laws are diverse in nature the superior shall be the law whose product will be better than the other.

Laws are made to govern the people in a direction so that no trouble occurs and no mischief may come into existence and if any mischief comes law contains remedy for it.

When laws cannot afford to reach their estimated outcome they need up-gradation. But in this definition islamic law has far-most superiority. As it has a maximum product and remedy for every wrong and the fear which it's punishments brings in mind don't let any one to be an offender.

Huge crises can occur on non adoption of such law which contains capital punishment. United states is facing such a huge crises as their rape and murder rate per year is more than an underdeveloped Islamic country.

This is because the laws has no power to reduce the offence for which they were enacted. They has low performance. Laws are connected with the mindset and psychology of human some laws can bring required amount of fear against offence and some cannot afford to bring such fear. And the fear plays the vital role in reducing the crime rate.